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Overview of Our Workshops

LWAC collective members and allies developed the workshops over the summer 2005. Since then, the collective constantly changes the workshops as we learn from our experiences facilitating trainings across the country. Read more about our campus tour
A typical campus visit from LWAC looks like this:

Friday evening:
» Public screening of one of the documentaries from campaigns that recently had major direct actions, with a question-and-answer session afterwards.

Saturday (for about 6 hours total):
» Unions & the Organizing Process
» Worker-Student Alliances
» Living Wage 101
» Media Strategy

Sunday (for about 6 hours total):
» Group Dynamics
» Campaign Strategy
» Direct Action & Escalation

Brief Workshop Descriptions:

Unions & the Organizing Process: How do unions work? How can student campaigns support union organizing drives or contract negotiations? How can living wages play into all of this?

Worker-Student Alliances: How can we build relationships between students and workers that challenge the power structure on campus?

Living Wage 101: What's a living wage? How is it calculated? How can students support workers demands using living wage policies?

Media Strategy: How do we get covered? What's our message, and how do we make sure it gets out?

Group Dynamics: How can our group be inclusive, accountable, and sustainable? Does our group structure and decision-making process work well?

Campaign Strategy: What are our goals? Who has the decision-making power to make these goals a reality? How will we make the decision-maker give us what we want?

Direct Action & Escalation: What's the point of direct action? How do we use escalation to build the campaign's momentum? How do we prepare for a major direct action?

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