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Living Wage in the country capital of the world!
October 20, 2005

LWAC and LIVE at Vanderbilt!A couple years ago, a janitor at Vanderbilt University approached students about the living wage campaign at Harvard and asked, "Why not here?" Thus, students began the labor solidarity group LIVE (Living Income for Vanderbilt Employees). Last year LIVE had a major victory after a massive rally as part of a successful campaign to raise the wage floor for all unionized campus workers to $7.55/hour. But LIVE and campus workers weren't satisfied - they're demanding a living wage of $9.50/hour for all campus workers. LIVE's demands seem pretty reasonable once you find out Vanderbilt's Chancellor Gee has a salary of almost $900,000!

Maya and I from LWAC were joined by Max from United Students Against Sweatshops for a wonderful weekend of workshops with folks from LIVE. This was the first time LWAC got to run the full 2-day training we've created - and it went really well! The students in LIVE had an inspiring energy as they schemed about their campaign strategy, brainstormed creative ideas for campus organizing, and engaged deeply in discussion about group dynamics and struggling with structural oppression. Look for an update from the LIVE folks themselves on this page soon!

xo Jack,

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