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UMiami students STAND with UNICCO workers!
Nov 22, 2005

This past weekend Pedro, Ginny, and I spent some time with the wonderful folks of STAND - Students Towards A New Democracy - at the University of Miami, a group of students working in solidarity with the UNICCO janitors. The janitors, who have been trying to organize with SEIU Local 11, are staying strong in the face of intimidation from UNICCO (no thanks to the unresponsive UM President Donna Shalala!). In 2001, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that UMiami pays the second lowest wages to janitors of all universities in the country (full article). Saturday night, we participated with janitors and students in an action outside of UM's football game...

UMiami janitors and students rally at the Orange Bowl

The janitors' energy was inspiring, as well as that of the STAND gang. Expect big things soon from UMiami!

xo Jack, jack(at)

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