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LWAC + UMBC Solidarity Coalition = Amazing.
March 6, 2006

On Sunday, Tamara and I spent the day with some of the labor activists at University of Maryland - Baltimore County. They had about 10 folks out at the event, which was pretty awesome for a group that is only 3 weeks old! Tam and I facilitated four LWAC workshops with a break for a super yummy potluck for lunch. Together, we were able to strategize a concrete plan of action for their campaign, which is just starting this semester.

At this point in their campaign, they are focusing primarily on building relationships with the workers on their campus and establishing themselves as a group on campus. The students had their first workers appreciation breakfast the first week of March and are planning on making it a weekly event (a popular activity on campuses across the country!).

By the end of the day, it seemed like the group had a concrete plan with which to continue to move forward. By the end of the semester they hope to go public with their campaign by presenting their demands to UMBC President Hrabowski, which will probably include Living Wage and Card-Check Neutrality. They also hope to build relationships with other groups on campus and publish the first edition of their zine about workers' rights, among a bunch of other things.

It was really awesome to see how excited the UMBC students were about this campaign. I think we can expect big things on this campus in the next year.




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