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It feels good in California!
October 25, 2005

California doesn't know what's about to hit 'em. Workers, students and organizers of 8 UC schools converged in LA to strategize a state-wide campus living wage campaign, hosted by the UCLA Student-Worker Front. Shalini, Max from USAS, Pedro and Ginny facilitated campaign strategy, direct action and living wage 101 workshops (that so many workers and students there could have done on their own already!) We also strategized how to best run the USAS Sweat-Free campaign and living wage campaigns simultaneously.

UC folks are the most organized region we've been lucky to encounter, and everyone should keep an eye on the new campaign and be ready to help when they need it! Thank you for such an amazing conference! Hopefully more state schools can campaign together and build this unstoppable movement.

The weekend was intense, productive, and crazy. Hurrah for boat-like hotels and the squatting South-Side Farmers!!

Ginny, ginny(at)

ps-Thanks to the wonderful folks from Santa Cruz for giving me a ride up the coast. I owe you an equally crazy ride up the east coast past my parents' house some day!

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