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Loyola and U Chicago!
Nov 13, 2005

Loyola-Chicago, U Chicago and LWAC take campaign tips from the many skeletons at various stages in the evolutionary time line that joined us throughout the workshops. Both campuses are starting campaigns and are excited to help each other out along the way. Loyola's already hosted a media-grabbing Dance Dance Social Revolution (check out the article here!) to raise money for a workers' breakfast. Workers on both campuses make less than a living wage, and besides U Chicago's transitioning Teamsters union, neither are organized! With all the work we put into workshopping strategies for working with unions and building a student worker alliance, both campuses are on there way to building powerful alliances.

We all got down with U Chicago Teamsters at a fundraising dance party a union hall. Chicago isn't famous for its steps for nothing--!

Joe, Rashida and I had a phenomenal time getting to know folks and laying the groundwork for two really promising campaigns-!

-revolutionary evolutionary ginny, ginny(at)

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