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LWAC goes 'home' to Bryn Mawr
Nov 3, 2005

I just spent two great days with the women at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, PA (my hometown!) about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Tamara from Service Worker Solidarity co-facilitated and we were joined by two organizers with Service Workers United. The students at Bryn Mawr are just starting their campaign but with the help of the GROW strategy chart which we filled out on Thursday night, it seems that they have a good idea of where they are going. For example, one of their short term goals is to try and get Bryn Mawr to address the fact that the environmental services department is extremely understaffed and thus many of the staff are totally overworked.

I had a great time and even got a chance to watch a dance performance about race and stereotypes on wednesday night that my host, Britt, was a part of. It was really amazing!

In solidarity,

diane, diane(at)

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