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What's the campus tour?

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Our mission is to strengthen the student-worker solidarity movement by bringing campus labor activists together to share experiences, and the campus tour is the main way we do this. Since the summer of 2005, we have been travelling to college campuses and conferences around the country. On most trips, LWAC facilitators run a two-day training for folks involved in the living wage campaign (or other labor solidarity campaign) on the campus we're visiting. The training consists of workshops that were created by the student activists who created LWAC, with input from other national student-labor organizations, labor unions, and other allies. Additionally, LWAC facilitators attend various national and regional conferences on student-labor activism to run workshops, speak on panels, and generally share the stories from their own campus organizing experiences.

We believe that this movement is stronger when campus labor activists are talking to and learning from each other. Our campus tour creates long-term space for face-to-face interaction to happen. Our workshops are one way to structure the conversations that we need to be having about strategy, action, oppression, power, and the role of students in campus workers' struggles for living wages, union representation, respect and justice.

In the first semester of LWAC's existence (fall 2005), we visited over 20 different campuses where students and workers are organizing campaigns together, and met with worker and student activists from many more campuses during a handful of conferences. This spring, we look forward to running workshops for students and workers who will be taking action across the country, especially during the seventh annual Student Labor Week of Action (March 31 - April 4, 2006).

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