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Overview of Resources

LWAC seeks to be a clearinghouse of information and resources for campus labor campaigns. Here you can find helpful materials and ideas from other campaigns, and share your own: Contact us to send in resources from your campaign - we need your help to make this a helpful resource for everybody!

What's a Living Wage? - Basic info about living wages and how the minimum has failed.

Common Questions & Arguments - Clearing up some common misunderstandings, and countering the inevitable "Econ 101" arguments against paying workers decent wages.

Anti-Oppression - List of resources to help understand and struggle with the oppression that plays out through our campaigns and within our activist groups.

Flyers, chants & more! - A growing archive of flyers, cheers, chants, guerilla theatre, and other types of creative resources developed by folks involved in student-worker solidarity campaigns of the past and present.

Start a campaign - Some manuals and tips to get you started if you're thinking about beginning a campaign.

Demands, proposals & policies - A growing list of demands from workers on various campuses, and how these demands were turned into proposals, policies and union contract language.

Links - Check out the websites of the many other organizations doing related work!

For facilitators - Everything an LWAC facilitator needs to run a training. You can find all of our handouts here!

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