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Georgetown U - "Living Wage 101" (2005)
This film documents the first four years of the living wage campaign at Georgetown Univeristy, including the hunger strike that gained national attention in March of 2005.
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» For copies of the DVD, contact LWAC.
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Texas A&M - "Where There is a Will... There Will be a Living Wage" (2005)
A series of interviews with campus workers interwoven with statistics about local poverty, this film set the scene for the beginning of the living wage campaign at Texas A&M.
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» For copies, contact Patrick of New Spark Media at patrick(at)

Harvard U - "Occupation" (2002)
This film documents the three weeks in spring 2001 when nearly fifty Harvard students occupied their administrators' offices in support of campus workers demanding a living wage.
» Watch a 40 minute version of the documentary online
» Do you know who to contact to get a copy, or where to watch the full version online? Contact us to let us know!

Washington U, St. Louis - Rumor has it that an exciting documentary will be coming soon on the Wash U sit-in and hunger strike during the National Student Labor Week of Action in 2005.
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