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University of Vermont

Burlington, VT

Group name: UVM Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) Website:
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Campaign background: UVM's Student Labor Action Project launched a "Livable Wages" campaign last fall, focusing mainly on foodservice workers on their campus that are contracted by Sodexho, but demanding a living wage for all workers on their campus. A living wage policy has already been adopted by the city of Burlington and SLAP is working closely with the Vermont Vermont Livable Wage Campaign and the Vermont Workers Center. Students have already presented their list of demands to UVM President Fogel, and are publicly awaiting an answer by April 7 as to whether the university will adopt a living wage policy and ensure the freedom to organize on UVM's campus. SLAP plans to continue doing educational and escalating events during the National Student Labor Week of Action. Check back for exciting updates as the UVM campaign heats up this spring!

Campaigns News & Updates:

Apr 18, 2006 - UVM student activists, faculty respond to last week's eviction of demonstrators... - "University of Vermont students who have spent the past year rallying in support of higher wages for lower paid university staff said their cause will not be deterred by last week's police-led eviction of student demonstrators from a camp-in on the UVM Green..." [read more]

Apr 15, 2006 - Police order student protesters off UVM Green -"A tent city that had been erected on the University of Vermont Green to agitate for higher wages was ordered dismantled by university and city police..." [read more]
-The Boston Globe

Apr 4, 2006 - Dancin' for Livable Wages at U of Vermont! - LWAC Tour Update

Apr 4, 2006 - Protest for wages - "This past Thursday in John Dewey Lounge close to 60 students, faculty and University employees gathered to give a press conference that kicked off a Week of Action in hopes of obtaining livable wages for all employees on campus..." [read more]
-The Vermont Cynic

Mar 31, 2006 - UVM rallies for better pay - "A group of University of Vermont students, staff and labor rights activists rallied on campus Thursday to demand better wages and working conditions for university workers and contractors not represented by a union..." [read more]
-Burlington Free Press

Feb 21, 2006 - Hot Campaign Plans Heat Up Cold Vermont Days - LWAC Tour Update

Feb 14, 2006 - SLAP Continues Demand for Worker's Rights - The Vermont Cynic


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