FALL 2006: Living Wage Action Coalition Merges with Jobs With Justice!

Feb. 16, 2007

The Living Wage Action Coalition, a project created after the living wage victories at Georgetown University and Washington University in the spring of 2005, is merging with Jobs with Justice! The Living Wage Action Coalition (LWAC) worked closely with Student Labor Action Project and United Students Against Sweatshops to create workshops to help share the stories of successful campus living wage campaigns from across the country with students who were beginning or currently running living wage campaigns. LWAC facilitators, all worker solidarity activists and current students or recent graduates, visited schools to share stories, skills, and advice from their campaigns. Over the past year, LWAC worked with students from USAS and SLAP chapters at over 50 schools in the US and a few in the UK as well.

The merger with JwJ was proposed after many strategy sessions USAS and SLAP discussing the most effective to strengthen the student-labor movement. LWAC has now transfered into the Jobs With Justice national office and is working with JwJ and SLAP to create a plan to incorporate all of the amazing stories and tools that we've learned over the past year into their training curriculum. Through the merger, LWAC will be better able to amplify the stories of successful campaigns and help coordinate student activists to learn from each other. We're very excited about being brought into the JwJ fold - more updates to come as plans develop and we gear up for the 2007 Student Labor Week of Action!

This site will now be called the Student Worker Solidarity Resource Center!

(For more information or if you have questions, please contact Brie Phillips at brie(at)livingwageaction.org)



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